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Avast! 5.0.542 Internet Security

Avast! 5.0.542 Internet Security | 53 MB

avast! provides a package of applications that aim to protect your computer from a possible virus infection or other malware threat. If you use it correctly, and in combination with other programs such as data backup utilities, it will significantly reduce the risk of your computer being attacked or infected by a virus, and thus the risk of losing important or private data.
The Avast! Internet Security application comes with an antispam filter and built-in firewall. Once installed, avast! runs silently in the background to protect your computer against all known forms of malware. You don't need to do anything else - just install and forget! Active internet users need greater protection for themselves as they shop and bank on-line. To secure against threats from infected web sites and the growing risk of identity theft, avast internet security provides you with continuous protection from its layers of antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit protection, firewall and antispam.

Real-time shields. The real-time shields are the most important part of the program, as they are working continuously to prevent your computer from becoming infected. They monitor all your computer's activity, checking all programs and files in real-time - i.e. at the moment a program is started or whenever a file is opened or closed.

Virus Chest. The virus chest can be thought of as a folder on your hard disk with special properties, that make it a safe, isolated place for storing potentially harmful files. You can work with the files in the virus chest, with some security restrictions.

avast! antispam filter. avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated antispam filter to detect unwanted email.
Spam delivered to your mailbox can result in your mailbox quickly becoming full, as a result which, legitimate emails may not be received. It can also unnecessarily increase the load on the email server, internet connection, local networks etc.

Firewall. avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated firewall which can be controlled directly from the avast! user interface.
The firewall monitors all communication between your computer and the outside world and blocks unauthorized communication based on a number of "allow" and "deny" rules. In this way, the firewall can prevent sensitive data from leaving your computer and can also block attempted intrusions by external hackers

Command-line scanner. The ashCmd program uses the same avast! scanning engine to detect potential malware infections so the results are exactly the same as running a scan via the normal program interface. The avast! command-line scanner, ashCmd.exe, is normally installed in the directory C:Program FilesAlwil Softwareavast5.
A scan is run from the command prompt using various switches and parameters. To see a description of the parameters, locate the ashCmd file and double click on it. This will open a new window in which the various parameters are displayed.

* Continuous protection against viruses and spyware
* Ensures all mails sent and received are clean
* Keeps you protected from "chat" infections
* Stops attacks from hijacked websites
* Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or run unknown applications
* Blocks hacker attacks to protect your identity
* Keeps your mailbox free from spam
* Allows safe and uninterrupted gaming
* Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7

Key technologies:

* Improved Antivirus and anti-spyware engine
* New avast! Sandbox
* New Silent Firewall
* New Antispam
* NewBehavior Shield
* New avast! Intelligent Scanner
* New Silent/Gaming Mode
* Real time anti-rootkit protection
* avast! Community IQ
* Behavioral Honeypots
* Smart virus updates
* Green computing
* avast! iTrack
* File System / Mail Shield
* Web Shield
* IM / P2P Shield
* Network Shield
* Script Shield

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Mcafee Internet Security 2010

McAfee Internet Security - a convenient solution for comprehensive security, ideal for people who are constantly using the Internet for data exchange, shopping, banking and trading operations or for entertainment. He has composed award-winning tool for web security McAfee SiteAdvisorR Plus, which warns you about suspicious Web sites and blocks them.
McAfee Internet Security protects the family and the entire computer network from viruses, spyware, hackers, identity thieves and online fraudsters. It also provides parental control. In the products programMcAfee Internet Security , which now uses a revolutionary technology Active Protection, provides proactive protection for your computer against various threats. Now do not need to wait for hours, as when using traditional methods - the program analyzes and blocks new threats in a fraction of a second. Active Protection - the best technology to ensure protection against constantly evolving Internet threats.

McAfee Internet Security makes regular automatic updates, which helps to ensure a protection against evolving Internet threats.

Virus Protection
McAfee VirusScan Plus automatically protects your computer from viruses, mass-mailing worms, Trojans and many other viruses. The program also automatically removes viruses, or puts them in quarantine, with minimal interference in your computer.
Protection from hackers
Continuous monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic can effectively deal with McAfee to hackers and fraudsters involved in identity theft and to prevent operation of malicious programs that can seize control of the system (for example, to send unsolicited messages), or introduce a virus program that violate privacy. Quick and easy installation, customizable security levels, the function of the visual trace the path, smart alerts, full screen mode andautomatically customized functions - all this will fine-tune your protection , identify the source of the threat and act to block suspicious programs that may transfer your personal data " in the right place. "

Spyware protection
McAfee Protection from spyware can detect, block and remove spyware, adware and other suspicious programs before they try to steal passwords to log into the system ( "keyboard loggers"), or start tracking your movements on the network or (files cookie) or output screen a large and intrusive ads while browsing the internet. Better protection based on the new built-in protection againstviruses and spyware. Now this protection detects and blocks tracking a cookie.

Privacy Policy
McAfee Internet Security helps protect your personal data and financial information (such as name, telephone number, credit card number and bank account) from the unauthorized transmission over the Internet. Function McAfeeShredder can permanently delete confidential files and there protect your privacy.
McAfee tools to protect against viruses, spyware, spam, and firewall work together, forming a layered defense against threats to identity thieves who can use a combination of malware to steal files, credentials to enter the financial system, and other personal information, identifying the user.
Protection from spam and fraudulent actions e-mail
McAfee Internet Security automatically detects and blocks unwanted messages, including messages in foreign languages, as well as letters which the fraudsters can get users to run a virus. Thus, junk mail is blocked and you receive only messages from trusted sources. Regular anti-spam filter updates ensureprotection against spam. The exact mechanisms of analysis, filtering and blocking unwanted messages can reduce the number of locks allowed letters.
Protecting children from harmful influences at work in the Internet
McAfee Internet Security helps protect family members from viewing inappropriate Web content and online predators age settings and easy-to-use filtering options. In addition, the package includes McAfee ImageAnalyzer, protecting children from viewing obscene images.

Backing up and restoring files
McAfee Internet Security provides automatic backup, preserving irreplaceable photos, music files, video files and documents on CD-, DVD-, USB-media, or external or network drives. Extract files from archives possible with a single click.
On the file:
Language: English
File format: rar
Platform / OS: Windows All


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Horoscope Explorer 4.13

Horoscope Explorer 4.13
Wanna know your horoscope or other's?

I just have the software for that; use Horoscope Explorer 4.13, the latest version.
-It's free and easy to use.
-Apart from your horoscope, you can also verify about your marriage and Varshaphala.


Supersoft Prophet Astrology Software

Supersoft Prophet Astrology Software

Detailed horoscope of any person born anywhere in the world can be viewed or printed just by entering date, time and place of birth .Predictions are based on Lagna and planetary positions in Rasicharts, Vimsottari Mahadasa, Antardasas and Panchanga.


Around 400 Yogas and Prathyanthar Dasa are the notable additions of this software.
PROPHET2008 is available in English and Malayalam.
The entire software was rewritten in Microsoft's latest technology of Microsoft C#.NET 2.0 . The Malayalam contents of PROPHET2008 are in Unicode format.
Recently evolved software technologies such as Unicode, eXtensible Markup Language (XML), eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT).

Size : 3,72 MB

Daily Astrology Explorer Pro 1.0

Daily Astrology Explorer Pro 1.0


Astrology For Dummies

Astrology For Dummies

Learn how to get your precise horoscope, decipher astrological symbols, and benefit from the phases of the moon with Astrology for Dummies, Second Edition. You’ll learn how to construct your birth chart, interpret its component parts, and use that information to gain insight into yourself and others. With easy-to-follow, hands-on guidance, you’ll discover how to:

* Identify the signs of the zodiac
* Understand the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the rising sign, and the 12 houses
* Discover the rulers of the signs
* Map your own horoscope (or a friend’s)
* Use astrology in daily life
* Capture the heart of each sign of the zodiac, and more! 

Astrology for Dummies, Second Edition demystifies astrological charts and uses plain English to show you how you can take advantage of the wisdom of the stars. Whether you’re looking to assess relationships, examine your potential, or make some basic decisions — like, when to go on a first date — Astrology for Dummies, Second Edition helps you discover how understanding your position in the cosmos illuminates the secret corners of the self, provides a key to understanding others, and even offers a glimpse into the future.


Master Numerology 1.0

Master Numerology 1.0

What is Numerology? Why does it affect us so deeply? Simply put, numerology is the study of numbers, which effectively interprets numbers, dates of birth as well as value of letters. Master Numerology is a wonderful software based on the ancient art of numerology and is built up on the Pythagorean Numerology principle. This simple and interactive software generates a vast variety of numbers and their significances for a user based on his/her date of birth.Master Numerology is a great online tool, and should regularly be used for a lot of beneficial information not only for

yourself, but also your family and friends. According to numerology basics, your core numbers have a deep cosmic effect over your well-being. Numbers and their vibrations help us understand our weaknesses and develop our personality.
Master Numerology is so simple to use, that as soon as the data is input into the software, it will generate all the core numbers for you along with interpretations. The comprehensive numerology report generated by this software is one of its kind and completely unique.Master Numerology is fully compatible with all versions of Windows OS.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010



7-Zip 4.42 Portable
ABBYY Screenshot Reader 8.0.706 Portable
ACDSee Pro 2 v2.0.219
Ad-Aware 2007 Pro Portable
Ad-Aware SE Pro Portable - Portable
Ad-aware-se 1.06 Portable
Alcohol 120 Multilang Portable

AnyReader 2.3.163 Portable

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2007 7.10 Portable

Auslogics Disk Defrag

AutoCAD 14gtw


BSPlayerProv2 21 950

Cartoon Maker-399

CCleaner 1.40.520

CD Roller 7.0

CDCheck Corporate.Licens Portable

CDRWin 4.0E-unicode Portable

CloneDVD 2 Portable

Coffe Cup Gif Animator 7.5 Portable


CuteFTP Portable

Download Master

Driver Magician 3.16 Portable

DriverGenius 7.1.622 MultiLang Portable

DrWeb 4 44

Dvd Fab Decrypter Portable

Dvd Region css 5.9 Portable

Easy Boot full

Easy CD-DA Extractor

EasyCleaner 2.0 Portable

eMule 48a

EVEREST Ultimate Portable

eXPert PDF Editor Pro 1.3 en.p

Final Recovery 2.1 Portable

Flash Boot Portable

Flash Player Pro 3.51

FlashFXP U3 Multiling Portable

FlashGet 1.82.1002

Font Expert 2007 Portable

Foxit PageOrganizer-Portable

Foxit PDF Text Viewer-Portable

Foxit Reader 2.0.1606 Portable


GoldWave 5.18 Portable

GOM Player v2.1.6.3499

Google.Earth.Pro 4.1.7087

HyperSnap DX 6.21.02

ICQ Portable


jv16 PowerTools 2007

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Internet Security Portable

KeePass 1.07 Portable

KMPlayer Portable

LimeWire Pro 4.14.6 Portable

Magic ISO Maker 5.4.0245

MetaProducts 1.5 Portable

Mobile Ringtone Converter Portable

Mozilla Thunderbird


My Desktop Gadgets Version 2 Portable

MyPhoneExplorer 1.5.9. Portable


NOD32 2.70.39 Portable

Norton Ghost Portable

Norton Partition Magic Portable 8.05

Opera USB 9.23.8808.Multi Portable

Optical New Edge Storage 2.1.358 Portable

PartitionMagic 8.05.

PDF Converter Portable

PDF Password Remover 3.0

Perfect Icon ver.2.10

PhotoFiltre Studio Portable

Powerdvd 7 Portable

ProShow Gold 3.0.1891 Portable

Proxy Finder Enterprise 1.95 Portable

Proxy Switcher Pro 3.7.3647 Portable

QDictionary 1.6 Portable

ReGet Deluxe Portable

Registry Clean Portable

Registry Mechanic

RegOrganizer 4.0 Rus

RegSnap Pro 5.8.1920

RegSupreme Pro Portable

Restorator 2007 3.70.1729

RoboForm2Go 6.9.2

R-Studio 4.0 Portable

R-Studio 4.0.124049 Portable

SBMAV Disk Cleaner

ShellToys XP 6.1.0.en Portable


SnagIt Portable

Stamp 0.85 Kassy 0.71 Pro

Super Screen Capture 5.55.en Portable

TechSmith Camtasia Studio4 Portable

Teleport Ultra Portable

The Bat Pro 3.99.3 Portable

Total Commander Portable

Total Video Converter Portable

Total Video Converter 3.10.en.p

TuneUp Utilities 2007 6.0.2311

TuneUp Utilities 6.0.1255 Portable

Ultimate Defrag 1.61

Ultimate Defragment 1.34 Portable


UnErase 4.1 Portable

VirtualDub MPEG2 Portable original



VisualRoute 2007 v11.0.3312

Vopt 8.06 Portable

VueScan Pro 8.4.35 Portable - Portable

Web Page Maker 2.5 Portable

WhereIsIt 3.84.715


Winamp 5.35.full Portable

Winamp 5.5 Build 1640 - Winamp 5.5 Build 1640

WinAVI 8.0 Portable

WinCHM Portable

Window Washer Portable

WinRAR Portable

XnView Portable

Your Uninstaller 2006 Professional

Youtube Spider 2.0 Portable

Zoom Player Professional

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Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 CAM XviD-TDV

Genre: Action
Release Date: 7 May 2010 (Canada)
Director: Jon Favreau
Runtime: 124 min
Ratings: IMDB: 7.9/10 (7,025 votes )

1CD | 708.0MB
Quality: XViD @kb/s | MP3 kb/s
Subtitles: None

Synopsis: With the world now aware of his dual life as the armored superhero Iron Man, billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) faces pressure from the government, the press, and the public to share his technology with the military. Unwilling to let go of his invention, Stark, along with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) at his side, must forge new alliances — and confront powerful enemies.


No Password

Computer Active

omputer Active - issue 318, 29 April to 12 May (UK)
English | 76 pages | PDF | 20.80 Mb

Computer Active - The UK best-selling computer & technology magazine offering essential productivity and buying advice, delivered in an entertaining, informative and plain English style. Computeractive has maintained its position as the UK No1 computer magazine for over 6 years as a result of the impartial editorial content, the emphasis on consumer advocacy and PC troubleshooting and its unique fortnightly publishing schedule.

Windows 7 Secrets (2009)

Do What You Never Thought Possible With Windows 7

Windows 7 Secrets (2009) | 26 MB | PDF

Tips, tricks, treats, and secrets revealed on the latest operating system from Microsoft: Windows 7

You already know the ups and downs of Windows Vista now it?s time to learn the ins and outs of Windows 7! Internationally recognized Windows experts, Microsoft insiders, and authors Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera cut through the hype to pull away the curtain and reveal useful information not found anywhere else. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you?ll discover little known facts on how things work, what?s new and different, and how you can modify Windows 7 to meet your own specific needs.

A witty, conversational tone tells you what you need to know to go from Windows user to Windows expert and doesn?t waste time with basic computer topics while point by point comparisons demonstrate the difference between Windows 7 features and functionality to those in Windows XP and Vista.