Saturday, June 18, 2011

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall v

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall - A powerful firewall that can protect your PC at work on a local network or web sites, including wireless networks.
ZoneAlarm Pro has flexible settings. The user can customize the security levels on their own or take advantage of already harvested rules. Conveniently implemented by an application filter that allows you to set permissions for each program used in the network. ZoneAlarm Pro supports the verification of digital signatures, maintains a detailed log file of events and has the means to analyze it, with the subsequent issuance of textual and graphical information. In ZoneAlarm available for instant automatic or manual blocking of access to Internet applications, as well as automatic checking e-mail attachments.

The program ZoneAlarm Pro implement a custom control cookies, blocking the transfer of personal information about a user on web-sites. Function block banner ads and pop-ups can get rid of annoying advertising, which is sensitive speeds up loading of pages on the Internet.

Year: 2011
Developer: Check Point
Size: 58,4 Mb
Language: Eng
Compatibility: Win XP/Vista/7
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