Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AVG internet Security

Complete protection for everything you do! With AVG
 Internet Security
, our most advanced protection, you get a worry-free online experience every time. This award-winning product gives you unbeatable Internet security by protecting against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam 
and malicious websites. AVG Internet Security is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for home and small office users which is trusted by millions of users worldwide.

AVG Internet Security's multiple layers of protection mean you don't have to worry about identity theft
, spam or viruses. And it'll even prevent you from accidentally visiting harmful sites. It's faster, smarter security that won't slow your computer down. With AVG Internet Security you also have access for the first time to AVG Identity Theft Recovery Unit that will help you get your life back in order if you ever become a victim of identity theft – online or offline.
Banking and shopping online
• AVG Identity Protection
 - Keeps your private information safe from known and unknown threats
• NEW Enhanced Firewall - Prevents hackers from seeing inside your computer

Surfing and searching the web, social networking
• LinkScanner® Active Surf-Shield - Ensures every web page you visit is safe – even before you go there
• NEW Superior Phishing Protection - Checks to make sure web pages really are what they appear to be

Emailing, chatting, and downloading
NEW Enhanced Anti-Spam - Blocks spammers and scammers from clogging your system
Web Shield - Lets you download and exchange files without risking virus infections
E-mail Scanner - Keeps you safe from dangerous attachments and links in your e-mail

Whether you’re online or offline
• Anti-Virus - Makes sure you can’t get or spread a virus, worm, or Trojan horse
• Game Mode - Keeps you safe without interrupting your Game-play
• Update Manager - Makes sure you’re always protected against the latest threats – automatically
• System Tools - Lets you customize how AVG protection works with your system

Anti-Rootkit: Fixed possible BSOD during installation of Anti-Rootkit driver.
AntiSpam: Fixed possible freeze in e-mail client addins.
Core: Fixed issue with PUP excludes for registry keys.
Core: Fixed issue with possible crash in cache server.
Documentation: Included enhanced help file.
Email Scanner: AntiSpam performance improved.
Email Scanner: Fixed issue with Outlook addin crash.
Email Scanner: Fixed problem with recognizing new e-mails in Outlook addin.
Firewall: Fixed issue with possible leaks in TDI driver.
Firewall: Fixed problem of wireless synchronization between Apple USB devices and iTunes.
General: Rolled out log files are compressed on NTFS filesystem.
General: Boot up time was significantly reduced.
General: Reduced overall package size for online installation/update using improved compression algorithm.
General: Anti-Rootkit scan is now a part of the Whole computer scan
General: AVG scanning speed was increased significantly.
General: Fixed problem in web threat data collection.
Kernel: Fixed crash in avgtray.
Kernel: Fixed possible high watchdog CPU consumption on corrupted NTFS disks.
Safe Search: SearchShield updated for FireFox 10.
Safe Surf
: Fixed issue with Safe Surf crash.
Setup: Added detection of Panda Cloud AV and Panda Internet Security AV.
Setup: Spyware Terminator is now detected as a conflicting application.
Setup: Invalid path for setting access rights will not cause a setup failure.
Setup: Function of TargetInstallationPath parameter when there is AVG10 installed already was fixed.
Setup: Zone Alarm is not detected as a conflicting application any more.
Setup: If the detected/selected language is not supported by the license used, setup will switch to English automatically.
Setup: AVG installer checks for the age of the existing installation package, and downloads the up-to-date installation package.
Setup: Minor arrangements were performed in AVG installer dialogs for easier navigation.
Setup: Uninstall and Maintenance pages are joined now, and offering more options (e.g. Install PC Tuneup, Update,
Convert to AVG Free, Repair, Add/Remove features, Uninstall).
Setup: Fixed failure on writing to AVG configuration.
Setup: Fixed problem with AVG 2012 installation over AVG 2011.
Setup: TargetInstallationPath parameter is correctly accepted by the installer.
User Interface: AVG user interface graphics went through a massive facelift, and some functional details has changed.
User Interface: Fixed issue with possible crash while upgrading to a new version.
User Interface: Fixed issue with incorrect file filtering within file browse dialog (Russian localization).
User Interface: Fixed incorrect focus after selecting multiline checkbox e.g. in LinkScanner component.
User Interface: Avira Server Security is now detected as application blocking installation of AVG.

Windows ХР, Vista, 7



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