Friday, March 5, 2010

The Photoshop layers cs4 book

If you?ve picked up this book, you are familiar enough with Photoshop toknow layers are important, and smart enough to know they can help youimprove your images. I?ve been using layers for about 15 years, but I can stillremember how I worked before I was introduced to them and found out whatthey could do for me.Sometime in early 1993, just before I was introduced to Layers, I was workingfor a how-to photography book publisher as an editor/designer. We hadPhotoshop 2.5. I used Photoshop to make adjustments to scanned imagesand make them ready for print. Photoshop was fairly new at the time; it didn?tyet have all of the features that would, not much later, make it the industrystandard in image editing. One of the features yet to be adopted was layers.T he project I was working on included topographic maps for a book onwaterfalls. The book had been self-published by an author who added themaps to the book to give the reader an idea of the landscape around eachof the falls. The author had public domain maps scanned and placed in thebook at the original size. At that size, the maps accounted for the bulk ofthe original book. We made the decision to reduce the size of the maps to asingle page in the reprint to save space and make the whole landscape visibleat a glance while saving some money in production costs. Regrettably, theauthor had the original maps, but not the image fi les from the scans. We hadto rescan the maps for the new book. In line with saving costs, we decided toscan the images in-house.

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