Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winamp 5.572

winamp is more than just a player. It's your window to the multimedia world. From MP3s to streaming video, Winamp is the one place you go to feed your audio/video habit. Winamp was born as a very basic media player and has slowly but consistently improving for many years. Its main purpose was to be completely customizable and through the years, many people have contributed to a library that now consists of 20,000 skins and 461 plug-ins.
The player supports a wide range of file formats, and because the program is small and simple, it works quickly on almost all computers. Have a look through the available plug-ins and you will also find that you can hook up your iPod and manage its music library.
VERSION 5.572 Build 2830:
* Improved: [h264.w5s] H.264 decoder optimizations*
Improved: [in_avi/bmp.w5s]
Support for RGB bitmap AVI* Improved: [ml_disc]
Support for Disc# in CD Ripping naming convention*
Fixed: Crash when using Alt 3 editor during mldb background scan*
Fixed: EasyMove for classic video window*
Fixed: Spectrum analyzer and beat vis for 32bit PCM files*
Fixed: [bmp.w5s] Memory leaks with BMP AVI codecs (tscc, rle, yuv, rgb)*
Fixed: [D3D] Crash when changing height but not width on back-to-back videos* Fixed: [gen_tray] Compact mode in Win7 popout tray*
Fixed: [in_avi] Crash on files with missing RIFF header (including 0-byte files)*
Fixed: [in_avi] Crash when ix## seektables aren't where they are supposed to be...*
Fixed: [in_mod] Out of memory error with some older .mod files*
Fixed: [in_mp3] ADTS header unicode/ansi issues (for .aac files)*
Fixed: [ml_impex] UTF-8 writing*
Fixed: [ml_local] Info editor erasing mldb fields not supported by input plugin*
Misc: Further attempts to fix reported elevation/registration issues on Vista Win7*
Misc: Installer: Only install Gracenote alongside dependent components*
Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations*
Misc: Various translation updates (note: French lang pack now updated to 5.57x)*
Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.0.7.3* Updated: libpng 1.4.0* Updated: libsndfile 1.0.21

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